Welcome to TGI Systems We are pragmatic, straightforward, out-of-the-box thinkers. We find new ways of arranging business and their processes. We build tools and contemplate methods which address the core of modern information management, business integration methods, and ad hoc issues. We are engineers, architects, geographers, and economists. Our flair is a creative amalgamation of simplicity and applied thought.

ABE is an enterprise information integration (EII) tool. It is designed to forge the disparate information of one or several organizations, each with numerous internal offices and divisions, into a single cohesive unit.

ABE is a complete business solution for the purpose of information integration. It easily eliminates gaps in data sharing, while promoting data integrity and interoperability. The tool is inexpensive, powerful, and rapidly builds structured, unstructured, spatial, and temporal data into a productive and ubiquitous environment. (more...)

ABE EII software is a result of fifteen years experience in enterprise integration projects. TGI Systems staff are seasoned experts in reviewing data and business processes in terms of common factors.

We enjoy and excel at helping organizations clean and operationalize data and business processes to form cohesive business operations.

Creating data interoperability is our passion, while blending disparate business areas into a cohesive unit is a skill gained through years of experience. (more...)

TGI Systems staff have conducted work on the deployment of the fuel cell railroad locomotive as a low-cost means to establish an initial hydrogen fuel economic. Rail can carry the bulk of the US long haul freight and yet requires only a very simple hydrogen fueling network to support it. (more...) TGI Systems staff employ a variety of innovative approaches when addressing the design or redesign of information, processes, networks, or technologies. These techniques are based on experience and are used to cut through legacy and convention to expose the naked building blocks of the best solution. (more...)